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Bio: Located deep in the mountains of Weihai city, Shandong province, Shengjing mountain is the birthplace of Daoism( Quanzhen Religion). Surrounded by nature and set next to the idyllic Shengjing Mountain, our environment is free from the stresses of daily life. East Flower Daoism Temple is a perfect place for daily training.
We specialize in the teaching of traditional Chinese Kung Fu and culture to students coming from all around the world. Our main subjects includes Shaolin kungfu ,Bagua Palm, Mantis Fist, Tai Chi, Qigong and Sanda. Our Chinese culture lessons are also quite distinctive, including Daoism, massage, and acupuncture. Our kungfu school offers a very good opportunity to train kungfu in China and widen your field of vision.Baji school
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